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About Organization Services

I work with my clients to build plans that work with in the goals they have for their space. Once we complete a consulation visit, I have an idea of how long the project will take. Progress happens at the client's pace. 

Organizing Rate

Organizing services are billed at $125 per hour. 

Post project maintenance is billed at $75 per hour. 


Hourly rate does not include any supplies that may be needed for an organizing project. We will discuss your project's specific needs during the consultation and the cost for additional supplies will be built into The Plan

The Organization Process

The Consulation

The consultation gives me an opportunity to understand the work ahead and the goal in mind. Every client and every home is different. I aim to understand how you want your space to function and look. 

Set the start date

You'll review the plan and project quote. We'll agree on where in your space to begin, when to start. Dedicating attention to the planning phase helps ensure that you know what direction we are headed while we work together.

The Plan

I’ll create an outline that details the steps we will take to reach your organization goals. The Plan will also include the quote for my hours on the project and materials needed. 

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The Result

You’ll walk away with a freer mind, better functioning space, and tools to help keep things tidy. Working with Mark and Label gives you the peace of mind you deserve during and after your project is complete.

Minimalism is not my goal. My focus is function, and the result is a clean and orderly space.
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About Cleaning

Everyone's needs are different, and the scope of cleaning necessary can vary from home to home. I like to take my time to really understand how to best customize my services during the consultation phase so that we start off on the same foot from the beginning.

Cleaning Rate

Cleaning services are billed hourly at a rate of $75 per hour. 

A cleaning session can be anywhere from 2 hours to 4 depending on the home, scope of project, and detail of cleaning needed. 

Room Size 

Currently, Mark and Label is available for smaller spaces, like apartments, townhomes or single rooms within the home such as the bathroom or kitchen. Contact us to see if your space qualifies!

Clean and Simple

The Products

We use mostly eco-friendly products so that you can be confident your home is clean and free from unsafe chemicals. Contact us for a list of the cleaners that we use.

Routine Cleaning

There is nothing like a consistently clean home. With weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits, your home's dirt and germs will be under control. 


We'll schedule cleanings that suits your busy life. We can schedule cleanings as needed or you can claim an available day for a routine cleaning. 

A clean home is a happy home, with less dust and dirt, it won't just look better, it will also be healthier.
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