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My Story

Hi I’m Cathy! I’m the owner and operator of Mark and Label Home. I currently reside in Poulsbo with my husband and miniature schnauzer. I grew up in a military family and I am fortunate to have experienced living in different parts of the world.


Washington stole my heart when I started hiking and exploring the outdoors. My husband and I love to rock climb and whenever possible, we camp out of our truck. I specifically enjoy it because I strive to be the hostess of the mostest (thanks mom) and cook some stellar meals for my friends on the bed of the truck.


In addition to my passion in the outdoors and cooking, I also enjoy puzzles, water coloring, coffee dates with friends, and spending time with my family.

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Family is super important to me, and I know my home and my parent's home are places where we gather frequently. Coming together as a large family in our modest homes means that things need to be neat and orderly so that we can all fit!

As a kid, I was always the organizer of the family and now that passion has become my career. I know that not everyone takes joy in the act of organizing, I want to share my natural passion so that others can enjoy the result of an organized home.

Spices in Jars
I take an organic approach to organizing. I set a plan that makes sense for clients, and we go at their pace.

The Mark and Label Home Story

20240128_Cathy Rasmussen_Mark and Label Home Organizing_Headshots_ariel jordan

In 2021 I was working as an office manager at a startup company in Kitsap. I loved the creativity and the problem solving that went into establishing a company from the ground up. One of my colleagues at the time suggested that I start my own organizing company, something that had honestly never occurred to me (despite knowing I have a passion in organizing and cleaning). A few months later in December of 2021, I started Mark and Label LLC. Now I get to take a mess and make it pretty. This simple act brings so much satisfaction and joy to my clients and to me!   

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