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Get organized.

I offer custom organizing services for any size job. Whether the whole home needs an update, or you just want to tackle one room, I can accommodate your needs. 

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I work with my clients to build plans that work with in the goals they have for their space. Once we complete a consulation visit, I have an idea of how long the project will take. Progress happens at the client's pace. 
Rates for Organizing

Organizing services are billed hourly at a rate of

$125 per hour. 


Hourly rate does not include any supplies that may be needed for an organizing project. We will discuss your project's specific needs during the consultation. 


The Process of Organizing

The Consulation

The consultation gives me an opportunity to understand the work ahead and the goal in mind. Every client and every home is different. I aim to understand how you want your space to function and look. 

The Estimate

I’ll build the estimate after the consultation. It includes my hourly rate and the time I expect to spend on the project plus any supplies that we might need to get it all done. 

The Plan

I’ll create an outline of what we want to accomplish while working together including photos and notes taken from the consultation. Dedicating attention to the planning phase helps ensure that you know what direction we are headed while we work together.

view plan example

The Result

You’ll walk away with a freer mind, better functioning space, and tools to help keep things tidy. Working with Mark and Label gives you the peace of mind you deserve during and after your project is complete.

Minimalism is not my goal. My focus is function, and the result is a clean and orderly space.
Feeling Pretty Organized?
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