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Multi-Purpose Gear Room

This couple was looking for a way to maximize the space in this room so they could use it for both yoga and frequently used sporting gear. With their simplified storage they had that space to sweat and flow then gear up for the next adventure!


The Problem and The Solution

This room was doing it ALL for this couple and it was working well but it needed some updates! It housed gear for mountaineering, surfing, rock climbing, scuba diving, camping, and skiing AND a place where they did yoga. This project didn’t require any decluttering, my main focus was to find a way to organize and add storage solutions in a limited amount of space while also creating more space for their yoga practice. 

With goods in such a wide range of sizes we decided that not everything needed to be in a container and instead headed toward making sure everything was on a shelf and off the floor. I focused on storing multiple of the same items in small bins which was a solution to free up more floor room. And then for random items that could be hung up I utilized closet organizers for things like walkie talkies. I also opted to move their camping gear to another storage area since these were things they did not use often. 

When it comes to a multifunction room like this, to achieve a look of cohesiveness without much change is to utilize clear bins and labels. Similarly with baskets, using the appropriate size bin will help decrease the time it takes to look for an item.

Hiring an organizer is all around helpful for not only creating systems but also helping you cross off some things on your to-do list like moving items to a different place in your home. Something this simple can be delegated to a home organizer.

Tips and Tricks

One of the details that I love in this space are the chalk labels that I used.

A couple of reasons why I like chalk labels

  • They are easy to reuse.

  • They look more “warm”

  • Chalk labels are great when it’s something you’ll be looking at often (or if you’re doing yoga in your gear room.)

  • It gives a more “human” touch to the space than printed labels, 

Printed labels are still a good option because they won’t smear like chalk labels and arguably you can get custom labels to feel more homey.


When the room is mainly storage, use clear bins and utilize different sizes. Use chalk labels for a more cohesive look and ease of renaming each bin. 

This client was thoughtful enough to give me an update and reported that months later the gear room was still organized and even after their adventure, they found it super easy to put gear back in their spot.

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